In September 2011, EDA awarded the Oklahoma Innovation Institute $800,000 in matching funds for the Tulsa Community Supercomputer. The institute’s flagship asset, a dense memory supercomputer will provide the only computing capabilities of its kind in the region.

The Tulsa Community Supercomputer puts this area on the map with the most competitive technology clusters in the United States. The supercomputer will leverage universities, colleges, research centers, enterprise and small business to address computational needs across multiple industries and disciplines. In addition, the Oklahoma Innovation Institute represents a historic, collaborative, multidisciplinary research partnership formed by the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma University-Tulsa, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, and Tulsa Community College. Through this partnership, the programs and services developed will lead to the creation of high impact jobs for the Tulsa region in the technology and scientific sectors.

The Supercomputer will be installed at Tulsa’s City Hall at One Technology Center and the federal funds will be used for upgrading the electrical and mechanical infrastructure to support the system. The project is part of a total $6.25 million package of the Institute’s development. This project responds to CEDS categories II, IV, V and VI.

Julie Miner
September 2011
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