Oklahoma STEM Alliance: TIES is working with the Oklahoma Innovation Institute to create a STEM Alliance for the region of Tulsa. The initial work of the Oklahoma Innovation Institute and TIES is funded in part by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. The work focuses on creation of a regional STEM alliance, by engaging stakeholders in a facilitated design process. TIES is providing an assessment of STEM assets in the region and state and convening funders, business, institutes of higher education, and non-profits to define the vision, goals, and strategy of the alliance. The design work will culminate in the creation of a Design Blueprint an actionable strategy for operationalizing and sustaining the alliance. At the outset, the OII STEM Alliance is envisioned to function as a convener, facilitator, collaborator and neutral organization to build and stimulate STEM activities in the Tulsa Region.

Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM
October 2013
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