Dear Colleagues,

The first quarter of the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance (TRSA) our innovative and dynamic mesh network has been moving full steam ahead!  We wanted to update you on the many incredible things that are happening in the Tulsa region because of TRSA!
US2020 City Competition Grant

Learned 3/24/2014 that Tulsa was not selected as a winning city in the US2020 City Competition.  We do however have the opportunity to continue to work with US2020 in the following ways:

US2020 will pay for a Tulsa representative to attend two convenings of US2020 cities over the next year
Continued “community of practice” involvement through webinars, conference calls, aforementioned in-person convenings, etc.
Quarterly “coaching” calls with US2020 staff
Introduction to the relevant Americorps VISTA people

Innovation Rooms Updates

Curriculum Kits IR – Had a teleconference with Robin Schott of PLTW to better understand their curriculum and how it might be amended to after school mentorship program.
Communication IR – Held meetings at OII.  Planning to launch a TRSA Tuesday E-mail, monthly newsletter and quarterly meeting of Council to improve communication of TRSA.
Oklahoma Women in STEM: Breaking the STEM Glass Ceiling Conference – Date set for May 17 at Tulsa Tech Owasso, 9:30 AM – 4:30 AM.  Arranging funding and speakers/facilitators.
Website:  Twitter: BrkSTEMGlass
Spring Break/Summer STEM Activities – Met with William Ollar and planned additional STEM camp for elementary students for July 1-3.
Logistics IR – Met and planned logistics for a pilot mentorship effort for the spring.  Working with local STEM businesses and schools to establish two pilot STEM mentorship 4 week programs for April.

General Updates

Business Plan for TRSA – Business plan is complete and ready to present to anchor funders and business partners.
TRSA Presentations – TRSA was presented to Oklahoma Employment & Training Advisory Council – a gathering of representatives of 26 Native American Tribes.  The tribes are very interested […]