Dear Colleagues,

The first four months of the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance (TRSA), our innovative and dynamic mesh network, have been action packed!  We wanted to update you on the many incredible things that are happening in the Tulsa region because of TRSA!
Oklahoma Women in STEM: Breaking the STEM Glass Ceiling Conference

Date set for May 17 at Tulsa Tech Owasso, 9:30 AM – 4:30 AM.  TRSA has been at the heart of setting establishing this first of its kind workshop for Oklahoma!
Website: twitter:BrkSTEMGlass

Innovation Rooms Updates

STEM Mentorship Logistics IR – Gaining momentum thanks to efforts on several fronts:

Two former Samson engineers and a leader with the Society of Geophysicists are doing incredible work in laying out a detailed blueprint for effectively scaling STEM mentorship in fall 2014
Met with area business and academic leaders to discuss possibility of creating year round STEM mentorship through building quadcopters!

General Updates

Business Plan for TRSA – Business plan has been revised after meeting with area philanthropic groups.  Now preparing to get input from local industry leaders and then begin fundraising for staffing of TRSA.
TRSA Presentations – TRSA was presented to Oklahoma Employment & Training Advisory Council – a gathering of representatives of 26 Native American Tribes.  The tribes are very interested in partnering with TRSA to enhance STEM education for all students in the Tulsa region.

New Collaborations

YMCA – TRSA will partner with YMCA in training camp leaders and delivering STEM education during Summer Institute

Pawnee Nation Education Division, Youth Services Department – Working with Suzy Knife Chief, BA Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma, to bring STEM outreach to Native American youth at camp in July!

To get access to the TRSA SmartSheets please contact Xan Black (firstname DOT lastname AT tulsacc DOT edu) Please avail yourselves of the growing STEM related data bank contained in the following Smartsheets:

STEM Activities
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