TRSA SiteThe Oklahoma Innovation Institute has commissioned an outside study to facilitate the design and establishment of a Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance (TRSA) for our region. TRSA will function as a convener, facilitator, collaborator and neutral umbrella organization to build and stimulate STEM activities in the Tulsa Region to create a true “STEM Education Ecosystem” from pre-K to high school students.  With the addition of the TRSA program, OII will be able to assist TRP members in educating and preparing our next generation of scientists and researchers that will be able to take advantage of TRP’s unique research resources and ultimately remain in Oklahoma. This STEM Alliance will truly enable OII to address the research and education needs of our community from both ends of this challenging equation.

Key issues under consideration

  • Meet with founding STEM sponsors to understand expectations and scope of the proposed Tulsa STEM Alliance
  • Conduct comprehensive study through outside consultant to:
    • Meet with leaders of other successful STEM programs and centers to learn best practices
    • Interview regional STEM leaders to examine specific capabilities and needs for our region
    • Analyze national, regional and local models to gauge the overall structure for STEM services
    • Identify existing STEM programs in Tulsa and our region
    • Recommend STEM programs to fill identified gaps in current STEM
    • Design plan to coordinate and leverage the array of existing resources
    • Fill gaps in current services that assist educational institutions in enhancing their STEM capabilities
    • Create a sense of community and shared mission to actively support community wide STEM programs
    • Generate strategic plan to implement Tulsa STEM Alliance
  • Establish comprehensive budget and reliable funding sources for both personnel and programming

Promote youth STEM education and entrepreneurship

  • Build a Kids Dreams and Ideas program designed to foster a culture of innovation with kids (pre-K to 16) in our region
  • Work with the Forge, Fab Lab. Junior Achievement, etc. in furthering these types of programs
  • Educate and communicate the benefits of innovative and creative thought through the Best Thinking Forum
  • Stimulate within the child’s mind that businesses and careers start with an idea
  • Develop an internship and mentoring program to support STEM Alliance objectives
  • Build on the success of Oklahoma’s high ranking in early childhood development

STEM education grant support

  • Work with existing OII research grant identification and solicitation resources to increase STEM education grant opportunities

Curriculum and program development

  • Evaluate early childhood STEM education curriculum development and delivery
  • Evaluate new and existing STEM education programs

Information sharing

  • Act as a portal for information and referrals for educational partners
  • Maintain a master calendar of events
  • Develop and send electronic notices, e-newsletters, etc.
  • Links to centralized local STEM resources
  • Colleges, universities, city/county public libraries and other regional STEM Alliances
  • Develop an online STEM resource library
  • Promote STEM education programs offered by partners