Best Thinking Forum


The Best Thinking Forum is an annual forum for experts to share their thoughts on specific issues ranging from employment, demographics, education, health, civic engagement, community relations, healthy lifestyles, cultural opportunities and social services.

The mission of the Best Thinking Forum is to serve as a community catalyst for open, inclusive and civil dialogue to promote deliberative thinking about the Tulsa region to create a better future.

Some of Our Accomplishments

  • 2006: Step Up Tulsa! launches bottoms-up planning process
  • 2006: Barry Davis and Tom Walker co-champion Economic Development Task Force
  • 2007: The Oklahoma Innovation Institute is born
  • 2009: Tulsa Research Partners hosts first research symposium
  • 2011: OII receives federal grant to help build the country’s first community supercomputer
  • 2013: OII announces the Tandy Community Supercomputer is officially open for business