Community Innovation Fund

The Community Innovation Fund is a private investment fund that will be focused on providing early-stage growth capital for entrepreneurial opportunities generated from both the Oklahoma Innovation Institute and the whole region. The $30 million fund closes the capital gap that currently exists for emerging growth companies and is designed to provide debt and equity-related financing to entrepreneurial ventures.

The five-year goals of the Community Innovation Fund are to invest in fifteen to twenty five growing companies and to attract $200 million in capital to the region.

Some of Our Accomplishments

  • 2006: Step Up Tulsa! launches bottoms-up planning process
  • 2006: Barry Davis and Tom Walker co-champion Economic Development Task Force
  • 2007: The Oklahoma Innovation Institute is born
  • 2009: Tulsa Research Partners hosts first research symposium
  • 2011: OII receives federal grant to help build the country’s first community supercomputer
  • 2013: OII announces the Tandy Community Supercomputer is officially open for business